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Carola Clüver
Völkerser Landstr. 71
D-27299 Langwedel

fon: ++49 (0)4232 / 3 888 883
fax: ++49 (0)4232 / 81 05
cell: ++49 (0)178 / 9 819 655


...what you can expect from my service offers:

With a background of more than 25 years of experience and professional practice as reliable translator and even more years actively on the move in the different foreign languages, I have the pleasure to offer translations into and from the languages English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Italian (more languages upon request resp. in stage of development)

  1. Specialized and precise translation of text for animal breeding associations, stud farms, stallion stations, private breeders, advertising and event agencies, publishing houses etc. such as
    • websites and sales pages
    • flyer and advertising brochures
    • auction catalogues
    • advertising and educational films
    • press releases and announcements
    • sales correspondence and assistance (also on site)
    • sales contracts and vet certificates
    • animal feed catalogues and equestrian equipment
  2. Translation of text for the real estate and tourism business, rental agreements
  3. Proofreading of existing text
  4. Assistance in setting up and developing websites, originating advertising text and horse descriptions with the required breeding background (stallion and mare lines)
  5. Specialized vocabulary and team members with the required background in language and knowledge, native speakers
  6. Conscientious and exact processing and work on hitherto new topics
  7. Strict confidentiality and on-time delivery

If this has attracted your interest, do not hesitate to call or write me an email
to be absolutely sure that your texts communicate what YOU want to express!

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